based in Lecce, Italy

    Francesco Dell'Anna Muia

    Founding date:

    September 1, 2015

    Press contact:

    via Grottella, 183, Copertino 73043 (LE), Italy


    Upcoming point and click adventure with detective elements and interactive story


    - Classic point-and-click mechanics with logical puzzles and items to collect, examine and use;

    - Detective twist; find and collect clues, combine them and come up with your own deductions - watch out, though: you CAN be wrong;

    - Four different cases and a final chapter that will tie them all together, for a total of about five hours of gameplay with a walkthrough
    - Interactive story that can be heavily influenced by the player's choices and three different endings;

    - Pixel art and overall retro feel that will make all the fans of the genre feel right at home;

    - Zombie Community: the Kickstarter campaign's rewards will focus on giving the supporters a pixelated counterpart in Zombie Society, wether it's a non-speaking minor character or the main big villain of the story!

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    Play the first case of Zombie Society Dead Detective

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    Free Windows version

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    The demo has been received with enthusiasm by thousands of players!


    Featured on frontpage


    Third best game of the month of February, 2017


    Daily feature and fourth best game of the month of February, 2017

  • Francesco Dell'Anna "Muja"

    Making games since 2007

    Game designer, writer, programmer (and occasionally artist), mostly known as "Muja" on Newgrounds

  • Awards, articles and past projects

    Games published under the name INTERACTALES

    Zombie Society - Dead Detective (demo)

    The self-contained first case of the upcoming detective adventure

    Daily feature, fourth weekly place, fourth monthly place and frontpaged on Newgrounds ; monthly third place and frontpaged on Kongregate; frontpaged on Gamejolt; good review on Jayisgames

    Escape THE GAME

    Point and click adventure with more than one solution for each puzzle and four different endings

    Daily second place on Newgrounds and very good reviews on Jayisgames and AdventureGamers

    Zombie Society - Death after death

    Interactive web comics series in three issues

    Daily fifth, third and second place on Newgrounds where the series got frontpaged; various mentions on Jayisgames